about you sThis blog is all about YOU – the solar enthusiasts !!  And practically nothing about me.

The Blog is meant to promote solar power among ordinary people of India where there is abundant sun energy but practically all of it has so far remained unharnessed. Continuous attempt will be made to share useful information relevant to any layperson interested in bringing solar energy to his/her life.

Looking at the climate disruption issues associated with the use of fossil fuel for power generation and the rising demand for power, solar energy is the only long term option for a country such as India. India has the potential to become a global leader in solar power, provided we, the people, get active and come forward to do all we can.

I would like this blog to become a platform for exchange of information, knowledge and experience – something like a “SOLAR INFORMATION EXCHANGE”.

Power of Cooperation!

Power of Cooperation!

Therefore, I invite all serious solar enthusiasts – experts, students, professionals, business executives, householders and every one else – to come forward, help others and help yourself in whatever manner you like.

If you can write well and want to make use of this blog, here are some of the topic ideas:

  • Latest innovations in solar PV, solar Thermal, inverter and battery technology, energy efficiency, or any allied topics
  • Reviews of innovative home solar products
  • Promote your company’s latest products through articles – written in a manner that any lay person will easily understand
  • Latest policy developments and innovative policy ideas from around the world
  • Or choose any other useful topic that serves the purpose.

They can be mailed to ID: vj.agra@yahoo.com with all contact information. I shall be happy to publish suitable articles along with author’s name and contact details.

All manners of suggestions, critiques and comments are always more than welcome.

Looking froward to help you any time.

Have a wonderful BRIGHT SUNNY DAY!!



2 Responses to About

  1. shubham says:

    Excellent blog on solar,especially for people living in India…Keep posting..Great work..

  2. Riddhi says:

    Extremely informative blog. Best part it is specific to solar energy as incident in India in many regards. (most other online information resources are about the US).
    Very surprised you have not listed your name or a way to contact you anywhere. Would love to get in touch. You can reach me at the email address I’ve provided to leave this comment.

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