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Global Warming: Can Paris Climate Summit Limit Temperature Rise to 2 Degree Scenario (2DS)?

Will top economies agree to cut emission enough for 2 degree scenario at Paris Climate Summit? Continue reading

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9 Important Considerations for Your Rooftop Solar PV System

You need to consider several important factors before going for a rooftop solar PV system. Continue reading

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Solar Parks in India

Solar parks in India have emerged as the preferred location to develop solar power quickly. They offer a lot of convenience to the project developers. Continue reading

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Here’s Why Solar Power will beat Coal Power within a Decade

Coal vs Solar The per MW capital cost of thermal power plants in the range of Rs 4-5 crore. They are still the cheapest among the energy sources, and will probably remain so for quite some time. Although Indian coal … Continue reading

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Color Rendering Properties of Light Sources

Color rendering index (CRI) and Correlated color temperature (CCT) are two important parameters associated with light sources. Although lighting has moved away from incandescent bulbs and heading into solid state lighting devices, but reference is still often made to incandescent sources. Continue reading

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Advantages of LED Based Lights

LED based light offer several advantages over the currently popular CFL and other light sources, besides being significantly energy efficient. Looking at the power scenario and drive for energy conservation across the world, they are the light source of the future. Continue reading

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Solar PV Power Plants: Major Causes of Performance Degradation

The performance of a PV module decreases over time, leading to reduced power output as time passes. Among the major causes are module degradation and inverter inefficiencies. Thus, careful consideration is required on selection of proper modules and inverters. Continue reading

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