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9 Important Considerations for Your Rooftop Solar PV System

You need to consider several important factors before going for a rooftop solar PV system. Continue reading

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Solar PV Power Plants: Major Causes of Performance Degradation

The performance of a PV module decreases over time, leading to reduced power output as time passes. Among the major causes are module degradation and inverter inefficiencies. Thus, careful consideration is required on selection of proper modules and inverters. Continue reading

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6 Factors that Affect Solar PV System Efficiency

No electrical or electronic component is 100% efficient. Solar power systems must be designed in a way that the overall efficiency is highest. Thus, careful attention must be paid to efficiencies of individual components like charge controller, inverters, batteries, cables etc and consider impacts of such parameters as shading and temperature. Continue reading

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Basics of Solar PV System Design

Designing a solar PV system involves accurately calculating the average daily energy consumption in watt-hours. For better accuracy of design get the actual efficiencies of the charge controller, inverter, batteries and cables to be used. Continue reading

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